World Book Night

World Book Night

March 23, 2017

Back again for another spectacular celebration of books and reading is World Book Night, taking place on the 23 April. On World Book Night books are given out across the UK as a means of inspiring people who may not usually read to do so.

Working with publishers, printers, libraries, booksellers, private donors, trusts and foundations, World Book Night runs events across the country specifically tailored towards getting people to read, of all ages and backgrounds. Libraries, prisons, colleges, hospitals, care homes a
nd homeless shelters all come together and take part in gifting books to their residents. Passionate individuals all over the country also hand out books within their communities, making sure to spread the importance of books and reading with as many people as possible.

First celebrated in the UK and Ireland in 2011, World Book Night was conceived by Canongate’s Managing Director, Jamie Byng. Since then, the Night has become a part of The Reading Agency, run by the charity to promote reading and ensure that people can develop into confident readers.

There are many ways for you to get involved with World Book Night – be it hosting events or giving out books – and you can find out how to over on the World Book Night website.