Writers: Ulyanovsk Wants You!

Writers: Ulyanovsk Wants You!

March 14, 2019

Ulyanovsk City of Literature have announced its first international writer’s residency programme, and it looks set to be an incredible experience for the lucky recipients.

Selected writers will be invited to spend a month in a super cosy apartment in the heart of Ulyanovsk to work on their writing or translation work. With costs covered, a scholarship and the chance to get involved in the cultural life of the city, the residency is a fantastic opportunity for writers looking to broaden their international experience and get some time to concentrate on their work.

Interested? To meet the criteria you’ll be from a City of Literature, need to have good level of spoken English and have at least on officially published book, theatre script or translation from Russian into another language. You should have an interest in Russian culture and literature (shouldn’t everyone?) and be happy to write a short piece which features the city of Ulyanovsk in some way, which will be used by the city’s Administration for promotional purposes. Not sure if you live in a City of Literature? There’s a full list on our website here.

There’s an online application form here, which will need to be sent with an extract of your published work, a CV and a letter of recommendation. Find out more on the Ulyanovsk Creative City website, or by emailing [email protected] The residencies will be held in June and September: the deadline to apply for both is 31st March. Good luck!

The Cities of Literature network welcomed Ulyanovsk in December 2015 on the basis of its incredible literary heritage and events such as the Oblomov Festival, named after the novel’s lazy antihero. Located on the Volga River, the city is perhaps best known as the birthplace of Lenin; previously known as Simbarsk, it was renamed in his honour in 1924. Writers and poets connected with Ulyanovsk include Dmitry Minayev, Nicolai Jaramzin, Denic Davydov and Dmitry Sadovnikov.